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Industrial Permanent Magnets - NdFeB, SmCo,
Ceramic, Hard Ferrite, Alnico, Bonded, Rubber Magnets

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Standard NdFeB Magnets and Price Lists
Standard SmCo Magnets and Price Lists
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HTML Verison
NdFeB (Neodymium Iron Boron) Magnets

PDF Version
NdFeB Magnets
  HTML Version
SmCo (Samarium Cobalt) Magnets

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SmCo Magnets
HTML Version
Hard Ferrite (Ceramic) Magnets

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Hard Ferrite Magnets
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Alnico (Aluminium-Nickel-Cobalt) Magnets

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Alnico Magnets
HTML Version
Bonded NdFeB and Ferrite Magnets

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Bonded Magnets
  HTML Version
Flexible Rubber Magnets

PDF Version
Flexible Rubber Magnets
HTML Version
Magnets for Applications to Motors and Generators

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Motor and Generator Magnets
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Magnets for Applications to Speakers and Woofers

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Loudspeaker and Woofer Magnets
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Magnets for Applications to Sensors/Transducers etc.

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Sensor and Transducer Magnets
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Magnets for Promotion and Education etc.

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Promotional Magnets

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