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Custom Permanent Magnets and Machining  

Custom magnets can be produced to satisfy customer's specific needs. The sizes, shapes and characteristics of magnets can be customized. Once you have the magnet specs you'd like to use, take them to custom machining companys and ask for assistance. They will tell you what can be done.

All permanent magnets are different and have limitations. For instance, some magnets can only be constructed in very specific shapes. If a custom machining company cannot create what you are asking for, the company may be able to suggest an alternative.
Custom machining can be used to create magnets in a specific size or shape. It allows also customers to customize characteristics of their magnets. The shapes can be discs, rings, blocks, slabs, cylinders and tiles etc. Many magnet manufacturers offer this option. Explain to them what you want to do with the magnets. The magnet manufacturers will then tell you what they can do.

Once you work everything out, the custom machining company will get to work on your magnet project. Whether you requested alnico or ceramic, they'll make the magnets to your specification. These companies have a lot of technologies that allow them to create custom magnets. Custom machining can help you get the optimal type of magnets.

Information on Rare Earth Permanent Magnets
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