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Magnet Science, Projects and Design  

Magnet Science is what you can learn in a physics class. Different magnets react different ways. A magnet science class will teach you about the different magnet materials to help you learn about the difference between different materials and magnets. You'll learn about the uses of various permanent magnets and how they react together. Finally you will most likely perform magnet projects.
Magnet Projects can be very fun. There are many projects that can be done with permanent magnets. Those include adding a photo into a magnet sheet, adding a magnet to the back of a calendar etc. If you are going to attempt to do magnet projects with industrial magnets, you should have the proper materials. Use protective eyewear and even gloves. Keep in mind that most industrial magnets are hard and brittle and break easily if they snap together quickly.
Permanent magnets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You'll find them as discs, blocks, cylinders, rings, and horseshoes. Not all magnets can be made into the same shape. Some are limited to a specific size or shape. Most magnets can be customized and made according the characteristics given by customers. Customers can customize size, shape and even composition. The type of magnet material determines Magnet Design . Overall, most magnet designs are fairly consistent.

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